About us



Our Story: Crafting Fashion with Purpose

Antara International, founded in 2019 by Gabriel Apostoli, is a Melbourne-based clothing company with a clear mission: to provide high-quality designer clothing that empowers individuals to express their unique personalities to the world. In addition to seasonal collections, we proudly present the ever-evolving Odyssey Collection and Antara collection, continuously adapting to keep pace with society's ever-changing tastes.

More Than Fashion: It's About Self-Expression

At Antara, we firmly believe that fashion should transcend mere attire. It should serve as a canvas to showcase your inner self and make a bold statement about who you are. To bring this vision to life, we collaborate with local artists for music, models, and voices, all deserving talents who deserve a chance, and we're proud to provide it. All our clothes are personally designed and crafted by Gabriel Apostoli himself, using the highest quality materials available.

Gabriel's Vision: A Drive for the Future

Gabriel Apostoli, the creative force behind Antara, is driven by a vision for the future of fashion. He envisions a world where clothing is not just an expression of style but a gateway to unique experiences. This passion for innovation has led to the integration of NFTs into our latest Antara Collection, known as "Tap the Badge." With this revolutionary approach, we are changing how fashion enthusiasts interact with their clothing.



Championing Sustainability: A Shared Vision

Antara is proud to partner with Champion, an iconic face in streetwear fashion. Champion shares our commitment to sustainability and aims to use 100% recycled polyester and 100% sustainable cotton in their apparel by 2025. Please note that the decoration of any Champion® garment with proprietary marks, names, or logos of collegiate sports teams or institutions is expressly prohibited. Copyright 2018 Hanesbrands Inc. All rights reserved.

Ethical Responsibility: Our Guiding Principles

At Antara, we recognize the importance of acting ethically and responsibly in all facets of our business. Our commitment is to conduct business fairly, honestly, and with respect for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and the environment.

Beyond Compliance: Going the Extra Mile

We not only follow relevant laws and regulations but also uphold a comprehensive code of conduct that guides our behavior and reflects our values. We aim to surpass compliance by actively seeking ways to improve our ethical standards.

A Responsible Corporate Citizen

Antara believes in giving back to the communities we operate in and minimizing our environmental impact. We engage in charitable giving and volunteerism to benefit these communities.

Our Pledge

Our commitment to ethical responsibility at Antara is a cornerstone of our brand. It's essential for building trust and creating long-term value for all our stakeholders. We pledge to uphold these values and remain a responsible, trustworthy, and forward-thinking company.